Time And Notion


Time And Notion

Wait long enough and most dreams are fulfilled. I have attended the Kirkcudbright Tattoo (pictured above) the pageant that celebrates the closing of the Summer festivities here, for many years. I am always moved to see how much energy, commitment, and passion the local people have for the wonderful old town; with over 90 businesses all voluntarily contributing and working towards it’s success and our enjoyment. So I have the time, and a notion to share…

This year is extra-special as I was able to attend with my son, his wife and their four & a half month old daughter visiting from Japan – whom we are all meeting for the first time.


A very loud and exuberant event with a motorbike display team, marching pipe-bands, scottish country dancing, several singers, a tug-of-war match, lots of comedy and noisily excited spectators – plus a finale featuring our bag-pipe master musician, spotlit, high in the window of the beautiful castle at the end of Kirkcudbrights famous main street – all beside the lovely harbour…all this was of no matter to a tiny girl needing sleep. Even fireworks didn’t wake her!

Somewhat naively for a photographer, I was unaware till shown that the excellent camera on my mobile phone takes panoramas. So here are some views you won’t have seen of the garden at Larglea for those of you considering a visit.

2014-08-23 13.54.05

With much catching up to do and sights to see, plus visits to Aunts and Uncles, nephews and a new baby boy due to be born soon in Ireland – this blog will be a bit light on posts for a short while.

The lovely Larglea Garden and House – long a well-kept secret retreat – is enjoying a revival.

From the moment I first saw it, I felt it was a wonderfully welcoming family home. Now it has a chance to shelter and embrace as many people as it can comfortably accommodate.. and if not there’s always the garden in which to camp. Or, of course, there are many hotels, and other self-catering properties available.

It really is the loveliest area to live with children or to bring them to visit.

With new grandchildren I am starting to reap the benefit – and I appreciate living in Dumfries and Galloway even more now ( if it’s humanly possible to appreciate it more than I already do).

2014-08-23 14.02.29

See you soon 🙂

Time and Notion.


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