The Owl Within


The Owl Within

” A wise head on young shoulders” was a phrase often bandied about in my youth. Alledgedly I possessed this quality at that time. The knowledge that this was said to be so led me to exercise caution (not to mention a stultifying smugness) lest I disprove it; and thus lose the kudos such a description lent (or so I imagined). Within a very small passage of time I proved singularly naive and have been trying to reach wisdom ever since. Doesn’t appear on any map I’ve so far located.

In this context I caused myself to miss out on several opportunities worth exploring – as touched on in a previous post (see Bolt From The Blue 05/08/2014).

Gradually, and very late in the day it began to dawn on me that there is little excitement to be had without the taking of risk.

I re-trained my self to acknowledge fear, and jump in where I’d previously panic.
(My alter-ego is a theatrical drama-queen). Being aware of these two opposing sides of my nature/identity makes it tricky to see the wood for the trees sometimes. My arguments for/against a course of action tend to cancel each other out.. and I have a high old time mentally arguing them as though I had twenty years legal training. Which I dont.

The wheel of time turns inexorably slowly in the department of Helen’s evolution. Fact.

Callander Capers 044

I’ve been enjoying life ever since. However in recent months, with several pressing decisions to make at once.. Ive tended to opt for long delay – requiring bags of doughnuts and bushels of coffee. Lovely! Nothing like a culinary diversion..

Much more recently someone told me that they had never known anyone like me for being able to observe seemingly 360 degrees of the landscape observable from my position as a front-seat car passenger. That old Owl thing again. Since the speaker seemed to be employing a complimentary tone – I refrained from remarking that in the middle ages I’d probably have my head lopped from my shoulders.. or found myself feeling unaccountably hot on a pile of dried wood – I graciously inclined said head.

Further thought led to a surprising notion. Could being an ‘owl’ help with the decision making?
Well, yes. But not in the way I anticipated. I saw the 360 vision approach as a way of observing options from all angles – like a bird’s head popping up through the middle of a ring doughnut. ( Yes doughnuts are a favourite theme). Then options could be weighed and tested till consigned to one or other nesting box – ready to take flight. Simples. Though that’s meerkats, not owls.


Anyhow – I’m rather pleased with this simplistic approach. Now – if I can keep arrogance, ego, indecision and sheer blinking fright out of the equation..I may yet achieve lift off into exciting regions as yet unknown.

I’m convinced that whenever the you know what hits the fan, too…an unwieldy dose of sillyness
should be administered daily. Today is one of those days. Hummmpfh.

Do they make doughnuts in Outer Mongolia?

2014-08-07 18.19.42

By way of no excuse at all this prize-winning bull from the Stewartry Agricultural Show is, at least, the colour of a doughnut.

Note: post not about Scotland persay – but nice images (arguable) inserted to appease the bored.
AND not an owl to be seen. How’s that for nicely illogical?



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