Wistful Thinking

Wistful Thinking

2014-09-15 17.02.59

Not long before the recent visit of my son and his family from their home in Japan, I had noticed, with astonishment, that the 11 yr old Japanese Wisteria grown over the west-facing wall of my house, Larglea, was producing buds for the second time this year – which it has never done before. It usually flowers only in June, here in south-west Scotland at least.

It is the first plant I added to my garden here and I had wistfully regretted back then that they would not see its beautiful, fragrant flowers on their September trip.

2014-09-15 17.06.27

I had not seen my son and his wife since his wedding nearly three years ago; this being the second time since he left the UK; and the first time I’d ever seen my 5 month old grand-daughter Rinka. So the flowering of the wisteria didnt seem important. However I will admit that one moonlit night before their impending visit I did, literally, wistfully wish upon a star that it would flower.

2014-09-15 17.14.40

The day before my son left for Japan some seven or so years ago now – I took him to the exquisite Japanese/English/Scots inspired garden at the National Trust’s Broughton House, in Kirkcudbright, nearby. Back then there was no thought beyond him visiting and working in Japan for around twelve months. None of us knew that there would be a future Japanese/English/Scots child to be born to Sam and his lovely wife, Akari.

I don’t think I believe in coincidences – but I dare you to tell me there is no “magic’ in this world.

Someone on a star up there somewhere was listening.

2014-09-06 23.40.25


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