Line of Least Resistance

Line of Least Resistance

2014-09-20 14.58.47

Some readers may be aware that I’m an English woman – who, having fallen hook, line, and sinker for Scotland.. relocated, and is a long-term resident here; and is outspoken in her passion for this mercurial land and people.

Since this blog is tagged-lined – Scotland: Up Close and Personal – said readers may also wonder why I have made little reference to the Referendum debate.

In a previous post I stated that (somewhat obviously) there would inevitably be “winning/losing sides” and that what I cared about would be in what manner we all came together afterward to create the future. This is still my view.

I am going to allow myself one post, and one only, on this subject:-

If politics is your “profession” – some would say “your calling” – do not insult me and the rest of the nation by going back on your promises.

2014-09-20 15.16.48

Do you not understand the impact of this? Because – if you don’t – it’s time you went back and reviewed your education. Somewhere along the way – you did not grasp what the word “PROMISE” means.

We – the public – DO; and we know when we see one broken. It’s that simple.

Beware what you promise – you may have to keep it. If you don’t think that is what representing your constituents means.. then you are in the wrong profession.

We do not expect you to take the line of least resistance.. we expect you to be on the front line – on our behalf. Man up and keep your promises. Not only to Scotland; but to the altruism and to the wish to “serve”.. that had you become – I still believe – a politician in the first place.

2014-09-20 15.04.59

What price your integrity now..?

The Line Of Least Resistance


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