Ends In High Places

Ends In High Places


After an unusually busy month I needed no inducement to spend 24 hours visiting a part of Scotland I haven’t seen for around 20 years – Peebleshire – a forested land once home to wildcat, bear, boar and wolf.


Driving through Dumfries and Galloway via Moffat- taking the road less-travelled (by me) I wound upward through the hills passing only an occasional motorbike, and a scattering of sleepy sheep. My tiny, but nippy Fiat 500 took to the drive like an extra in a film for the Scots (or possibly Italian) Tourist Board.


At St.Mary’s Loch I had a grandstand view of the subtlety of light filtered through a watery sun onto an even more watery surface – unbroken – until a dog called Pippa was released from a hot car and plunged in after a stick.


I laughed out loud (and occasionally sang) with sheer happiness at driving the exciting route north. Windows down, watching the silver slopes turn to copper crags flecked with early autumn lime, bronze and gold.


At this point I had no plans bar meeting a friend for dinner. The, as yet unknown, riches the trip would provide were all ahead in the future. There was only me, forests and mountains, and that wonderful northern light on a road that..


Ends In High Places


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