Animal Instinct

Animal Instinct

2014-09-29 12.45.10

Feeling worse the wear for the after effects of an unpleasant virus – yesterday on my travels I chose to follow my nose. It needed the practise. Normally it takes me in the direction of the nearest bakewell tart and coffee. This time, I seemed to have an animal instinct for ..animals.

After narrowly avoiding running over a tiny red squirrel doing an olympian sprint across the road, and thus unavailable for a photoshoot – I arrived far too early for cafes to be open and was treated to an exceptional pot of coffee by the cheery breakfast staff of a lovely old hotel and a view of the lake where this swan guarded her brood from dangerous drivers, duvet-fillers, and eager-beaver photographers.

2014-09-29 13.06.39

It was worth getting up so early, as, having left home behind under a gloomy low cloud, I was rewarded by breakfast taken under a watery, but very promising sun. The promise was fulfilled. Nosing the car toward the hills I passed yet more animals taken by surprise at finding a human on holiday in their neck of the woods.

2014-09-28 22.31.15

By now I was following the sun, as well as my nose – which is just as well as the nose is not a good map-reader. I found lanes with inviting footpaths, and farms whose cows were as happy to see me, as I them.

2014-09-29 17.32.18

These youngsters were entirely unafraid of me – fighting for a ringside seat to see this curious upright, two-limbed creature stepping out from a purring metal box.

2014-09-28 22.33.50

Dropping in to one of my favourite bolt-holes, for a late afternoon snack found me eating my way to supporting a new venture that creates funds for re-homing elderly Llama’s.. it seems even my appetite was in tune with my animal instinct.

2014-09-29 13.33.28

Perhaps the scene was set last week when this iron horse sculpture oversaw my lunch in an a walled garden not so very far from where I was now. It was full of mystery, and fallen apples. A visit which has so far produced several bouts of print-making, the makings of a poem (well, maybe a limerick) .. and even more of chutney.

The landscapes on the way home, as the sun began to fade over the hills of a favourite valley, were worth the 75 tired miles driving back. Here’s a sample of one of these landscapes – reworked as a possible textile design (as is the swan lake image at the head of this post).

2014-09-29 13.56.11

Sometimes our animal instinct leads us in attractive and rewarding directions.


Animal Instinct


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