Loves Labours Lost – And Found

Loves Labours Lost – And Found


This is turning out to be a spectacular autumn; with leaves turning all shades of yellow, ochre and gold.

Today I have a notion to write a poem – mysterious, fanciful, yearning – depicting somehow the ties between the ‘dying’ of the summer and lost love. Inspiration is a long time coming.


I read Yeats, Auden, MacNeice, Thomas, even Shakespeare – still, loves labours are lost. Inspiration is nowhere to be found.

Two hours, two cappucinos, and one chocolate eclair later..not a word written. Then it struck me. Right now, life, and the glorious autumnal scottish landscape are full of colour, wonder and possibility.

2014-10-01 18.33.16

I simply cannae be bothered – to swoon and yearn for a ‘dying’ summer or ‘lost’ love for that matter. Not personally – or in writing. I’d rather celebrate autumn – than mourn summer.

An inadequate mathematician I may be, but I can still work out that I’m in the ‘autumn’ of my life (proving I’d likely make a mediocre poet too). Thus, I think I’ve lived long enough to have some fun with whatever time is left.

Taking myself (and even sillier – others) too seriously just leads to..mediocre poetry. Given that Shakespeare I am not. Well, only when I take myself too seriously.

2014-10-01 18.44.25

Which makes for a very mellow, yellow state of affairs. Now, where’s that camera?
As I write one of my recent autumnal landscape photos is being printed on to fabric. My first ever.

Now that’s something I’m prepared to swoon about.

Loves Labours Lost – And Found


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