I’ll Take It From Here

I’ll Take It From Here

It’s National Poetry Day and, whilst I’m apt to over-use cliche and double-entendre, I do enjoy the attempt.

2014-09-30 22.26.30

And you, what do you ask for?
So many things I would give you
Had I an infinite great store.
Like Sainsburys.

Women, water, land, wine,
A clear eye as good as mine?
If I could choose from any shelf,
I would give you back yourself.

If I could choose from that great stack
Upon the shelf, I’d give you back
All kinds of wealth: comfort..youth,
All kinds of discounts on the truth.

I’d give you days free from care,
Heart to enjoy both foul and fair.
If I could, I’d give you health.
Now. Off the shelf.

I would fight them tooth and nail,
Trample customers in the sale
To find a box of what you lost
Upon the waters, travelling, tossed.

The power to discriminate
What you want, and not too late.
I’d give you back myself too. If I could find
Where it lay hidden, and it proved kind.

Shelves of cereal, veg and fruit
Mags that teach to sew..and shoot.
Boxes of gratitude, love and thanks..
Can’t be found.
In Sainsburys.

And you, what should I give you?
I’d give you what you gave me.
Had I an infinite great store,
Like Sainsburys.

I’d give you hope, and joy, and love.
Laughter, fresh air, walks above.
Up.. on the hills, above the clouds,
Above the crowds
In Sainsburys.

Thanks for the time, for the infinite store
Of rocks we gathered on the shore.
The days and days you freely gave
to sudden picnics beside the waves.

With sandwiches from Sainsburys.

The lessons you taught,
The views we ‘aired’,
The lessons I learnt,
The laughter we shared.

I’ll take it from here.

(Or Sainsburys).

I’ll Take It From Here

2014-08-08 14.28.47


(By Helen – with a lot of Edward Thomas ..and a smidge of Spike Milligan).

October 2014


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