Singing The Blues

Singing The Blues

I never feel blue when I’m singing, even singing blues is enjoyable (not an indication of proffiency). At least, this time I’ve resisted my child-like tendencies by not calling it Zinging The Blues.

2014-10-17 21.52.44

I’ve been re-working landscape and botanical photo’s – to suit the textiles I always intended to design, had I not allowed myself to become distracted. In this post are some of those due to be printed next.

I’ve shown them here in a range of blues only, for now, as this better allows for seeing the variations in the way I’ve treated each subject. Images often go through many processes to best match image with fabric surface.

2014-10-03 17.57.45#1

With digital technology it’s possible to re-work a very bland image to give it depth and character; or to distil a complicated image into one of simple and striking abstraction. Thank heaven – or I’d have to resort to doing it all by hand, as used to be the case.

All images used as source material are my own. Where they’ve been taken in Scotland – they are from my own garden, or from the varied landscapes in Dumfries and Galloway.

2014-11-03 12.09.11

Samples are available on linen/cotton; silk and polyester crepe de chine are next in the pipeline – others will follow.

I’m currently working on designs for product, interiors, and architectural applications.. and for a Glasgow-based fashion designer. Aided by the usual coffee, petting of cat and the occasional doughnut-fest.

2014-10-25 12.25.09

You can commission lengths of fabric designed using your own images – to which you must own the copyright, and be prepared to allow me to manipulate the image (if necessary) to best suit the textile chosen.

Not all images work on all fabrics, for all applications, or to all scales. Or life would be simpler, naturally.

2014-10-17 15.18.59

Usually I post links to other businesses here or chat about what it’s like to live, work and ‘play’ in Dumfries and Galloway – this time I’m giving my own work a ‘shout-out’.

It’s great to be combining art, photography and textiles – at last – in the same product.

2014-11-05 12.20.22

I’ll be trying my favourites out on a limited range of products, and fabrics will be available by the metre subject to quantity ordered. More details as they become available on my photography facebook site ‘Shooting The Light Fantastic’.

2014-11-02 19.02.57

Print above on Linen-Cotton Canvas.

As winter closes in, I’m so glad I made good use of this wonderful summer with the camera, as always, on hand.

Singing The Blues


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