Missing In Action

I was about to write this and then I realised I’d already written it. So with a few edits – this is how it is.

Largely Confidential


Missing In Action

Another phrase that can be used to describe more than it most often indicates..

Ive been “missing in action” here on my blog – firstly, simply due to being in action elsewhere, in the practical and business sense.

Unsurprisingly, life hadn’t held it’s breath while I was away. I responded by hiding from the workload and getting petulant over a bottle of wine, a huge bag of crisps and several films. When I emerged; the workload had turned from black comedy to film-noir.

Ok – time to get a sense of perspective.. along with a sense of responsibility and one of humour, while I’m at it.


Cue dramatic film-score…dundunDUN! Stern talking to self. How about if I actually kept my word to myself??

Go to bed earlier – except when finishing good book/ talking to family in Japan. Exercise every morning – except after too many bananas…

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