Nonsense – and Other Life Choices

Nonsense – and Other life Choices

Dissecting dreams doesn’t pay – it certainly wouldn’t earn you a living wage. Unless you can turn ’em into a high-grossing film. But, despite my generally practical approach to life – I do love to imagine that I don’t always know what is happening. That there is something beyond what we can see and hear around us.

In later life – a phrase which always makes me feel like I’ve missed a bus that everyone else caught 30 years ago – I like to trust that ‘events’ are not necessarily to be understood at the time of their taking place. Like dreams. Which, if so, makes it very silly to attach any hugely significant meaning to them.

2014-11-26 11.39.10

Comparisons really are odious. Whole continents go to war by continuously comparing their superiority and inferiority with each other.. mostly the former. Whole families perpetuate grudges, comparing who did what to whom. We don’t choose to love someone by comparing the differences between them and another – online, or in the aisles at a supermarket.

I’m not immune to making spurious comparison myself. I argue however that, when we compare – there is only one possible outcome. Expectations are set up.. and invariably.. some thing, or person is going to come off worst.

Choosing a partner, a house, a career, a landscape or a city in which to live, takes using ‘comparisons’ : cost, suitability, risk, etcetara. By all means take a good look before you leap.. and take courage, madness, humour, and compassion with you on the journey.

2014-11-26 11.53.01

Take a flask of hot coffee, several bananas, chocolate, and a good lightweight pair of binoculars. The latter will be good for seeing how far you’ve come. Then you can reward yourself with the chocolate.

For some of those comparisons will become meaningless along the way. People bear no comparison to each other. Each is absolutely unique. Each of us has depths to discover within ourselves and within others. If we can only let go of our grasp on the comfort of certainty.

2014-11-26 12.16.06

No doubt – in the world of comparison – this post could, according to the view of whoever reads it, variously occur as sanctimonious or silly, simple (very simple) wisdom, wilfully daft or insubstantial nonsense.

In the words of the ‘nurse’ I once berated for her neglect of an elderly patient in my then local hospital .. ask me if I care. If this blog is not to your taste – stop reading it. There are plenty of others out there. That’s the ‘beauty’ of a blog. I found I love writing about Scotland, the landscape, and the people. Then, I found – to my astonishment – that I just love writing. Nonsense included.

I write – like I ride a motorbike- ineptly, and with passion. Sometimes I fall off and break something. That’s how I intend to live out the rest of my life.

2014-11-24 11.24.45#1

I look forward to spending the rest of forever learning to write. (Probably longer to ride the bike).

For that we’ll need an endless supply of coffee.
Mine’s a doughnut, now you ask.

Nonsense – and Other Life Choices


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