Magic Mushrooms

Magic Mushrooms

2014-11-30 23.12.29

Mushrooms seem to have been a feature of many a woodland walk recently. I’m amazed – as a non-expert – at the number, and at the subtle variations in type – to be found here along this favourite stretch of wooded coastline in south-west Scotland.

2014-11-30 23.11.26

I love to review the photos close-up and see these delicate shapes sitting amongst the myriad other miniature plants, like people waiting for an early morning commuter train. You always notice the one with the great hat.

2014-12-09 15.55.40

Sighting a mushroom – however small and ‘unremarkable its ‘looks’; I’m filled with a feeling of other-worldliness, in which I delight, child-like. Even ‘though I know it’s just a hangover from reading too many fairy tales. (If there can be such a thing as too many).

2014-12-09 15.53.45

I’ve just re-located to another village, Gatehouse-Of-Fleet, and while I will continue to run and enjoy sharing Larglea House and garden (20 mins drive away) with self-catering customers; it was time for me to get my own place, and expand as a photographer, designer and artist.

After arriving yesterday – I discovered an attic studio with all the light and space I could concievably imagine. I hadn’t been shown it on viewing. A wonderful surprise.

A lot has happened in a very short, and exciting space of time.

It wasn’t the Magic Mushrooms..

Was it?


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