A Creature Of Hobbit

A Creature Of Hobbit

2014-12-30 14.26.24

No doubt some will not approve of yet another pun in the title – my advice is off you go and treat yourself to another crispy-creme doughnut.. here’s the reason “why”..

I rely on a large bank of photographs to provide inspiration when the mornings arrive frosted with difficult walking weather – well – for those who seem currently accident-prone, that is.

2014-12-30 14.25.27

Thus, after a busy holiday season, I was mortified to find that I’d accidentally deleted said bank of photos – or most of it – stored on my protesting mobile phone. “Never delete when tired”.. I was admonished (by those who know better – and worse are often proved right – hurrumph).

So.. I’m propelled to walk – armed with camera, and suitably dressed – in glorious weather – along the riverbanks near my new home. I need images for the first blog post I’ll have written since the morning of my car accident. No matter – with mild concussion in play – writing one would probably have resulted in more than the usual quota of drivel, and some lop-sided landscapes to boot.

2014-12-30 14.20.37

I’m a creature of habit, finding myself, as ever, drawn to simple places – the beauty of which benefit from a lack of visitors – and to light and shade. One without the other makes for no beauty at all, as in life.

Living here, in Gatehouse-Of-Fleet, the river of Fleet is the centre – the source of everything. Including the lovely little town itself; formed to provide the local land and mill-owners, and the local people with the means to earn a living. The river, of course provides me and my camera with all the qualities mentioned above ..and so much more besides.

2014-12-30 15.53.38

As a small girl – and now a small woman – I love to be on a low level with the ferns, and ground-creepers, the small creatures and the hungry inquisitive birds. The river, only yards from my house, is such a source of delight – whether I can hear/see it, or not. More so – when as here – tiny leaves, twigs and even mushrooms are dressed in ice.

Today – I’m combing it’s banks – as happy as that tiny little girl who rediscovered this exquisite green land after a few years away in the middle east. Back then I walked down Greenway Lane (in Galmpton, South Devon) to our new childhood home.


I really did think I was about to live in Hobbit-heaven. The reality wasn’t far short. Unlike me.

It turned out to be an enchanting blend of fiction and reality for a serious child with a vivid imagination. As if I wasn’t already small enough – I remember many hours lying in grass in hope of catching a shrew unawares. I failed to appreciate that my cat companion made the sighting highly unlikely.


Tolkein would have been at home here in Dumfries and Galloway. I can’t believe my luck – Scotland has provided another home for someone who is in every sense (and size) ..

A Creature Of Hobbit.


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