Humour Me A While

Humour Me A While

2015-01-05 15.13.51

I could ask you to humour me..

While I go on about the landscape round here.

While I go on about my health, and yours.. and the weather.

While I rant about the news (negative) or the diagnosis (positive).

While I berate humans for their infinite capacity to litter our ( yes – our) oceans with plastic bag islands in the sun.

While I note sardonically that organic food movements increase at the same rate as the development of drugs.. but far faster than government provision of funding for research into the efficacy of food produced naturally versus food doctored, manipulated or engineered.

2015-01-03 20.13.42

While I note with exasperation that children in Scotland are said to eat badly, at roughly the same rate they commit crime.. and the correlation between these two facts goes largely unaddressed. We may not have the climate to produce lemons – but in oats and raspberries, and salmon, and great chefs – we excel. To name a few.

..and silly people like me blog about doughnuts.

While we sit in front of laptops or computers, or t.v’s ..or pay to join a gym in an environment that provides thousands of miles of coastline to explore, and mountains to climb. All for free. (I’m aware some don’t have access).


See – Leprechauns do exist. That woke you up.

2014 was an interesting year – I ‘escaped’ two car crashes, pursued two lines of business, welcomed two grandchildren, and two new nephews, acquired – temporarily – a second home.

So if things continue to come in pairs I’ll make two wishes for the new year.

For one – that I’m granted an inexhaustable sense of humour.
Two: I wish the same for you.

Till then I ask that you..note that humans are NOT born afraid of ‘monsters’..
and that you..

2015-01-05 14.42.54

Humour Me A While


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