Cooking Up A Storm

Cooking Up A Storm

2015-01-11 12.51.38

I’ve spent some of the past week exploring the possibilities of the landscape near my new home – in terms of photography, drawing and painting. Here an image becomes watery inspiration for a textile. Walking the riverbank in the fresh air filled me with peace. Although the weather forecast looked increasingly doom-laden, as strong winds were noted to be cooking up a storm.

2015-01-11 12.33.09

Apocalyptic views of the approaching storm on satellite were swiftly overtaken by the storm of media coverage attending events being cruelly played out in France. In real time, in the real, cruel world rendered so by us, it’s human inhabitants.

2015-01-11 12.35.55

Currently engaged in recovering from the car accident in late November – pursuing peaceable ways of spending my time, I had intended this post to be, in part, about the real pleasure I’ve gained from cooking – enjoying my lucky success in making three (edible) cakes in an untried oven. “Cooking with gas”.. although it’s powered by electricity.

Meanwhile the televised images of the weather, and more so, of the atrocities taking place “in the name” of religion, again – served up not peace, but anguish.

2015-01-11 12.17.32

In the course of the nature of human development – despite the incredible on-going advances in neurology – and the work of skilled leaders and trainers such as those of Landmark Worldwide – and innumerable others – who search for practical means by which humans can empower themselves to achieve a life they love living with integrity, passion and humour – inevitably conflict remains an aspect of the human thought process.. and a choice one seizes to act upon – or does not.

2015-01-04 11.27.04

I had also, this week, intended to write my first horror story.. inspiration for which I found, as usual, with my camera. World events impinged upon my consciousness – and as I watched the murder of the 42yr old French-Algerian, Muslim policeman – I could not imagine any story more horrific than that he should not return home to his young family.


WE can all return to our riverbanks, and our baking; to whatever everyday activities we need to practise to exist; those we enjoy – and which bring us peace. The policeman, the victims – and the terrorists will not. It would seem however that, in word and in deed, the world should, and is – in the name of peace..

Cooking Up A Storm

The satellite image of the storm; and that of the mountain were downloaded from the internet.
I will attribute them to their rightful sources asap.

All other images are by the author: which is a correct, but pretentious statement. So that would be me, then.



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