Messin’ About On The River

2015-01-19 21.30.37

The car crash in November caused three head injuries – which led to impaired concentration and memory that is slow to recover. I’m actively – or, more accurately – inactively – seeking restoration in peaceful pursuits such as messin’ about on the river. Naturally there’s a camera to hand.. and in inclement weather, messin’ about with apps and photoshop to find the most evocative representation of the time and place, and atmosphere.

All good fun, and good practise.

2015-01-19 20.16.43

With this intermittent lapse in concentration; the funny thing is – it’s the little words , not the big ones I struggle to recall or say out loud. I’m very lucky and happy that I have a very visual memory for words. Pre-accident: if I heard an enjoyable film script; I’d ‘see’ it written word for word in my mind. Spelling is something I don’t usually struggle with. Words normally tumble out – like an avalanche. Not for now .. and for some this will be an improvement.

2015-01-21 15.44.15

Oh well; it’s said ..”a picture says a thousand words”. For now – it’ll have to. Note: Editing this having remembered that the quote is “a picture PAINTS a thousand words. An example of the simple word it took me, in this case, 24 hours to recall. No doubt in the fullness of time (what other sort is there?) ..and – post what the Head Injuries charity advises in the way of exercises – I will be restored to full verbosity. Make the most of the relative silence – while it lasts 🙂

2015-01-21 15.45.26

I hope you enjoy – or at the very least are curious about – these images. Each was produced by running them through from one to six processes. Until the atmosphere created (for my purposes) was close to that I had “felt’ when taking the original.

2015-01-21 16.01.40

Some will become prints on paper and textile. Some will make great subjects for embroidery – a ‘transformation’ I wouldn’t have recognised had I not put the images through these processes.

2015-01-21 16.09.09

In the meantime – like me – I hope you enjoy..

Messin’ About On The River


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