Road Skill

Road Skill

2015-02-01 17.28.45

I’m a bit on the jittery side about driving longish distances again just yet – but thankfully this time someone else was willing to take the wheel.. leaving me free to spot, and sometimes capture, photo’ opportunities from the passenger seat.

I’m fond of shooting from the car window.. and through it too. Now and again the reflections are, arguably, obligingly arty.

2015-02-03 21.01.10

Then there are the scenes spotted from the car that we regularly pass by – with a lame and mostly unfulfilled ‘promise’ to return and do it justice one day. Even if it is the view (above) from the bridge spanning a peaceful estuary.. below a dangerously busy stretch of the A75.

2015-02-03 11.07.02

I love a long and winding road.. and I love a long and winding fence even more. It’s as if nature got out a stick of charcoal and started sketching in the snow.

2015-02-03 11.04.56

We completed our trip north in the icy weather – and on what was also a very beautiful sunny day, unscathed. Very enjoyable it was too. I acquired some unexpected goodies – a very fine narrow chisel, and other tools perfect for etching – from what I used to think were the unlikely environs of a motorbike parts auction mart’. I’ll be going again. Especially as the cafe does a very acceptable ‘home – baked’ lasagne. To which I’m even more partial than doughnuts.

If I find they have good fresh doughnuts – I may have to go camp out.


As for life in general – allegedly – there are some major shifts going on; according to the astrologists. For myself, 2015 feels like a road full of speed bumps driven in a car with no brakes.

Risk and change seem to be the order of the day. Good fortune is regularly followed by a kick in the teeth. Someone ‘up there’ is having a high old time.

All I can do is brush up on my..

Road Skill


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