Creatures Great And Small

Creatures Great And Small

2015-02-09 19.52.44

Small creatures have frequently featured in events of the last few weeks. On an impulse visit to the foothills around The Merrick, Galloway Forest Parks highest peak – I was happy in the constant company of this little robin – and he in mine, it seems.. the current icy landscapes cheered by his bright coat.

2015-02-09 20.04.30

The Dipper – often seen on the banks of the River Fleet near my home is a cheerfully busy inhabitant – here pictured in a reflective moments peace in an image from the BBC’s Winter Watch – in the Cairngorm region in the Highlands of Scotland.

2015-02-09 21.32.30

The capacity of small creatures to cheer us up is certainly in inverse proportion to their small stature. Yesterday – when moving my motorbike to it’s new quarters in a riverside workshop.. a tiny shrew ran around amongst the stores and supplies.. as though emulating the bikes on a racetrack. My camera work couldn’t match his speed – hence this internet-sourced image.


I miss watching the dusk flight of the Pipistrelle Bats that live in the rooves back at Larglea.

Once, on the very next day after I had aborted installation of roof insulation – having learnt that it was the time of year when the young are being born – I was standing in the garden and was treated to the most extraordinary display of aerobatics. They flew in a figure-of-eight pattern, up and down the garden, and in and out of trees, at my eye-level .. and I was made the centre of the pattern, as they flew around my shoulders.

It was as if they were saying thank you. It’s distressing to imagine their fate in the hands of – perhaps – unsympathetic future owners.

2015-02-04 18.14.56

It’s not only the ethereal- and real – landscapes of Scotland that have captured my heart. It’s the wildlife too. Not the stags, or the whales, and eagles.. but the tiny animals and birds who are both..creatures great and small.

2015-01-18 23.23.48

These are the real monarchs of the glens.

Creatures Great And Small


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