The Voice Of Water

The Voice Of Water

2015-02-12 13.31.59

On the shores of Dumfries and Galloway and along Scotland’s sweeping coastline.. it is hard to picture the massive islands formed of matted plastic bags – some the size of whole countries – reported to be out to sea, elsewhere in the world, by scientists and environmentalists.

To imagine them here is to shudder in horror at such an abomination. Water makes up the largest part of our world, our landscapes.. our own bodies.

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On these pages I celebrate the landscapes of Scotland.. and sometimes, light-and-not-so-light-heartedly debate what it is like to live, work and play here.

Here the coastline – and it’s people – have a voice..exercised by those who protect our marine environment, by those who earn their living, in so many ways, from and along it’s shores. It is our past, present and our future.

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I’m drawn to water – in any weather it is a source of reflected light, even on a dull day. But more than this – it has a voice. A voice that we can hear – from the raging of it’s power, to waves lapping gently on it’s tranquil shores.

The coastline calls out to be protected so that generation after generation – can continue to enjoy it’s bounty, freedom and inspiration.

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The Voice Of Water


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2 Responses to The Voice Of Water

  1. Don says:

    Well written – from the heart.
    Nice one

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