Take Your Breath Away

Take Your Breath Away

There are days that do that. Days that begin well, and get better and better.

2015-03-08 20.55.01

By afternoon the weather gave up being unco-operative and joined in. Soon it too was causing a shortage of breath.

2015-03-08 20.42.47

Along the edge of the loch, the sun set light to every stream and river.

2015-03-09 21.25.37

Trees, roots, rocks and boulders dripping with moss and lichen, like extra virgin olive oil coating pasta. Which made me hungry – so I headed home.

2015-02-27 22.57.43

Not wanting to waste a moment of this day, I took a wild route home along what was once called the loneliest road in Scotland – passing two other drivers in nine miles of moorland in Galloway Forest Park.

2015-02-04 18.09.51

Heading downhill towards home in Gatehouse Of Fleet, ahead on the skyline was the Isle Of Man and the nearer Carrick Islands. To live between the sea and the mountain moorland is a dream come true.

2015-03-08 21.57.44

Leaving the Black Galloway cattle to enjoy the last of the sun as it disappears behind Cairnsmore Of Fleet.. I relish these days that..

Take Your Breath Away


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