On Message

On Message

2015-03-23 19.17.32

If you were looking for signs of spring this morning:- the sky appeared as on message as the two halves of a coalition government wearing non-matching smiles.

2015-03-23 11.18.46

The neighbours flowers are peeping out shyly; and I was on the lookout for other signs that spring has sprung.

2015-03-12 07.08.12

Not the only one on the lookout it would seem..

2015-03-23 16.07.36

You go that way; I’ll go this way – that’ll confuse ‘er – meet ya round the back mate.

2015-03-23 19.13.35

My new-found walk – along a hitherto undiscovered section of the national cycleway – leads me high above the estuary.. into wild, bare lofty spaces ..where I am on a level with and nearly deafened by a passing flock of noisy and boisterous geese.

2015-03-23 16.05.22

Everywhere there are signs of spring..seems every living thing is..

On Message


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