Aim For The Sky

Aim For The Sky


To my surprise – and the Fiat designers’ credit – I find my temporarily sore lower back is – surprisingly – more comfortable in the driving seat, for short periods, than it is in bed, or in any chair I own. So, on a short trip out to relieve the ache brought on by sewing I was lucky to catch some spectacular skies.


The road ahead seemed to divide like the sea before Moses.

2015-03-24 17.57.46

A storm approached from the north west; threatening heavy rain but delivering light showers only.

2015-03-23 19.17.14

With skies such as these – all you have to do to capture a useful shot is ‘point and shoot’..for which I’m a grateful photographer.

2015-03-23 19.12.32

So thank you Dumfries and Galloway for your landscapes and all your wonderful sunrises and sunsets. That this sunset was taken only 50 metres from my garden – and my evening glass of wine – is a photographer’s dream.

Until I can take on more adventurous projects,
I’m glad to simply..

Aim For The Sky


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