Unknown Quantity

Unknown Quantity

Often, photos’ taken on the hoof don’t reveal their true colours until later.. and thereby hangs a tale.

2015-02-09 20.22.22#1

On reviewing images after last year’s Stewartry Show I could find none more evocative of the hot and busy atmosphere there than those taken of the livestock in resting mode. From the rear.

2015-03-24 23.16.41

A broken tulip head – not tall enough to join the others in the vase – whose shape I began to find as alluring as those for which certain 17thC folk would pay vast sums.. for a single bulb.

2014-12-29 21.22.35

My grand-daughter, transfixed by the umbrella ‘forest’ at Logan Botanical Gardens..but without the previously unnoticed shaft of light to the right of the image – she may have appeared to be merely bored.


When I visited Traquair House last year I was enraptured by it’s old – and other worldly – qualities. It’s also a friendly place, that seeks to be a part of contemporary life, and does not apologise for itself – with a highly developed sense of humour and irony. Qualities I greatly admire.. and which are illustrated – for me – better here, than in any of the other ‘picture-book’ images I took on the day.


Finally.. this cow peering through a fence looks for all the world to be wearing a pair of ‘shades”. I’m well-known for wearing them all year round – thought to be an affectation by some – but actually because strong light at any time of year renders me myopic – especially when driving.

Also, I frequently admonish myself by quietly muttering “silly cow”.. so I’m happy to have this as my profile pic’ from time to time. Good likeness – brunettes should unite.

Some images turn out to have a previously …

Unknown Quantity


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