Break In The Clouds

Break In The Clouds

2015-03-30 15.29.09

Sometimes all you need is a break in the clouds and the landscape is revealed in all it’s enduring beauty. Such was the pattern of things today.


After a Saturday spent indoors and a Sunday mostly in a car, I’m itching to be out and about. Despite it being unreliable walking weather I get itchy feet.. and they dance me to a lovely view of the sinuous River Fleet.

2015-03-30 15.43.22

I was tempted to hijack the lovely sunny tractor outside my window but..


My own two feet take me to a favourite spot.. where the sun matches the always surprising appearance of a lavish little bridge on the nearby estate walk. Very “Sense and Sensibility”
as my daughter and I like to remark, whilst swishing across in our imaginary finery.


Turning on muddy heels.. I reach the best part of the woodland, hoping for a sighting of the elusive heron I’ve often surprised fishing here. No such luck..’though I’m rewarded with another blast of afternoon sunlight.


Here, in this beloved place, I make my peace with the day..and with the world.


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