Time and Tide

Time and Tide

2015-03-31 13.09.34

It’s the time of year to get jaunty. Must be my upbringing, in a largely coastal area, that’s to blame. I’ve witnessed many a tide to my constant pleasure, and I look forward to many more; within and beyond Scotland.


Thus I look forward to further expanding (the blog) not just on nature, but the nature of all things. How’s that for generalisation? I have previously exposed myself to various ‘imposed limits’ on the nature of my writing. Only to subsequently watch as such limits were immediately flouted by those imposing them. In any dictionary you care to consult; that’s called hypocrisy. Worse; I’ve imposed my own limitations – in fear of insufficient knowledge or my perceived lack of expertise.

Ridiculous – I’m fairly sure not every book written about love or coal-mining was written by a lover ..on the coal-face or not.

However; as viewing figures fall with less writing content – I’m going to take the hint and return to writing – with the images in support rather than in ascendance.

2015-03-31 13.46.50

I’m with the seagull – sometimes it pays to take a look at the flightpath. I’ll not be limiting my subject matter – only the length of time, and the manner in which I blether on about it. Luckily, my interests are legion; but my passions are the same as ever – nature, landscape.. and the limitless creativity of human beings. That should keep matters in check.

Time and tide – inextricably linked.. and it seems we learn as they both pass us by. Despite our best attempts not to.

2015-02-27 22.48.46

Time and Tide ..after all; wait for no man.

Time and Tide


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