An Enduring Love

An Enduring Love

This blog was originally created to help market the self-catering accommodation available at Larglea House – hence the original name of Larglea Confidental… and it became a vehicle to represent all that is interesting about Dumfries and Galloway – a largely confidential and wildly beautiful region of Scotland’s south-west.


Larglea House is now for sale; and although this blog is now very much not a ‘marketplace’ – for anything – I want to draw attention back to the house for a while. I have shared my adoration of this house and garden over the last few years; and I really want to pass it on to someone who will appreciate as much as I still – and always will – do.

2014-08-23 13.54.05

This is – as it was for me – an opportunity to live in this wonderful area, raise a family, build a business perhaps. In advance of the property agents details – the house is large, airy, high-ceilinged, and light-filled. As you might say of a great racehorse – it has beautiful lines. There is also a large, more modern extension housing a massive kitchen, dining room and lounge with ‘french windows’ onto just under an acre of garden surrounded by mature trees, and filled with wonderful planting.


Nestling in a network of peaceful lanes – Larglea looks as ‘though it’s been there forever – the main part of the house – that which you see here – was built in 1898.


Attracting every type of wildlife from bees to red kites, deer, badgers, and bats.. the location is within minutes walking distance from streams (burns) and rivers leading to the Dee Estuary .. and eventually to the historic, and very attractive ‘artists town’ of Kirkcudbright – just a few miles away. This busy harbour-town – once a haunt of Robert Burns and the Glasgow Boys school of artists is today a unique time -capsule of talent in arts and crafts in an historic setting – where you can eat home-grown Galloway beef one day and freshly caught scallops the next.

2014-08-02 13.59.17#1

About business in the garden at Larglea.


Kirkcudbright Harbour in late afternoon.. one of the last working harbours in Scotland – with it’s own fishing fleet.


The ‘fireplace-end’ of the living room/lounge in the main, and older, part of the house.


The kitchen/breakfast-room – also in the older part of the house.


A view of the AGA cooker in a part of the very large kitchen .. (the dining/living room area of which is shown below) in the newer extension; with glazed doors leading to the garden. This is such a large room that I also used it as an art studio in the winter.


The house has three very large bedrooms – each of which can take a kingsize plus a single bed. There is an additional single bed/or dressing room with either en-suite, or separate bath/shower-rooms for each. More details to follow.


Lastly – two views of Larglea’s garden in June – when it is at it’s absolute best for colour and scent. there is much to enjoy in all seasons. Especially when sitting with a glass of wine listening to the distant strains of the Kircudbright Jazz Festival – or that of the highly successful ‘Wickerman-Fest’ wafting across from the nearby hills.

Floral Garden

I’ll miss this house terribly; and will have amazing memories – unless of course the market and fate contrive to have me stay. Either way – I’ll love it forever.

An Enduring Love


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