Full Of Life

Full Of Life


Woke up feeling full of life – and the weather which was in similar mood – tempted me into an early drive along the Raiders Road – the single track route between Loch Ken in the east and Clatteringshaws Loch in the west. Setting myself up with the best of cheese scones and coffee; I set off on 9 miles of exhilarating driving through the Galloway Forest Park.


Remote and very atmospheric – it’s a little-used road – I love it and do it as often as I can -unfortunately I’m never likely, at my stage in life, to gain enough experience to ride it on my motorbike – and I’m envious of those who can. But, what the heck – I can still get there!

2015-04-16 18.15.54

I have optimistic plans to spend my next milestone birthday having a picnic at Otter Pool. As it’s slap bang in the middle of the Dark Sky Park – the UK’s No 1 no less – I anticipate seeing stars in more senses than one 🙂

2015-04-16 18.16.26

Passing a lovely sunset I made my way home happily along the coast, picked up some supper and.. arriving to start work at ‘the office’ – I found that it too was..

2015-04-16 18.46.51

Full Of Life


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