The Lady Languishes

The Lady Languishes

An elegant lady glides into view drawing attention from all quarters. She is a small, ‘tall’ ship. A contradiction. As with every woman.


Her origins in France – she will winter here on the Nith Estuary in Dumfries and Galloway for some tender loving care from her new Scots sugar daddy.

2015-04-23 15.03.26

With more curves than a screen siren in black satin; she is the now the worse for wear – and in need of more than a wardrobe re-vamp.

Catching sight of her relection in the glassy waters – she wonders if she will ever again draw an admiring glance.

Despite the attention of several dressers and make-up artists she feels her age – and every one of the miles under her keel.


She knows the ropes though, this old girl. All she needs is a quiet berth in a gentle backwater and a winter of felicitous attention from her new lover.


Until, she is restored to strength.. and we will once more fall under her spell.


About largelyhelen

Designer, photographer, writer.
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