How Sweet It is

How Sweet It is

After a lovely evening the next day seemed set for fair weather and so it turned out.

2015-04-30 17.52.12

There’s a quiet beauty about Galloway at this transition between seasons.. when winter, spring and summer together vie for our attention ..sometimes all in the same week.


The distant hills are dusted with the snow which has taken us a little by surprise after last weeks – almost – bikini temperatures.. well, for Scotland that is.

2015-04-21 10.39.42

My lovely little home town produces it’s own display of quiet beauty. Magnolia Stellata, Magnolia Soulangea and an Acer Atroperpureum Rubra I think.. tumbling over the garden wall, eager to introduce themselves. Today however, I was after escaping human company .. and reaching some wide open spaces.


I don’t think I could have beaten this view – however much harder I tried. Here on the beautiful west coast – the deception, disappointment.. and small discomforts of the week past pale into insignificance.

We are merely passing through this wonderful landscape.

How Sweet It Is


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