A Paper Pound Of Flesh

A Paper Pound Of Flesh

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Today’s British fishermen and women have to rent, swap and buy fish to meet official demand. They’re required to send a communication, each day, to tell Europe how much they’ve caught. Where is the pride in that?


Along with their colleagues in farming – the passion, experience and commitment of so many has been ‘castrated’ by myriad committees intent on enforcing a plethora of quotas. A paper pound of flesh – callously eradicating livelihoods and identities.


It’s shocking to watch the inexorable erosion of whole working communities – the identities of so many in crisis – perhaps to become extinct – within but a few generations of human life.

Inspired young people shy away from the teaching career at which they may excel – in the face of draconian and arduous administrative requirements that seek to measure and protect quality – but leave little time for actual teaching.

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I don’t have a ready answer to the many, many issues all these ‘measures’ are designed to ensure; what I do have is an opportunity, here, to observe, illustrate.. and lament the demise of those whose contribution to their community and to the quality of the life of others – is without measure.


Life is ironic.. when those in ‘charge’ are forced to act against the very nature of what it means to be a human being: the willingness to put others well-being before that of one-self.

Those who fish and farm for a living are an endangered species. To imagine our island without them is to imagine a barren land.


We will have wiped them out for..

A Paper Pound Of Flesh


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