It Has Still Lived

It has Still Lived

2015-05-05 12.36.14

A beautiful day – and after a short plunge into our nearest small city – a 65 mile round trip if done in straight lines via the A75 – I proposed to make best use of time. Adding to the photo-bank being the prime aim.

No harm in having some fun along the way. So I went with the flow. Not that there was one – on these empty roads.

2015-05-05 11.46.33

Crumbling gateposts of imposing stature told of wealthier times, for some – along the deserted roads I took on my wayward route. I gave in to any exploratory impulse going – of which there were many.

2015-05-05 11.54.14

Arriving in the village of Moniave – I ran into (nearly) the most attractive of ‘bottlenecks’. A kind woman in long colourful dress attempted to direct the traffic between parked cars with some difficulty – her gestures seemingly slowed by several previous hours of revelry.

2015-05-05 12.44.37

In nearby fields ‘two-headed lambs’ wondered why they hadn’t received an invitation..since they were already dressed for the party.

2015-05-05 11.52.39

A tree with a green trunk and orange foliage turned out to be a party-goer dressed as The Green Man. Well .. the bottom half did, anyway.

2015-05-05 11.24.15

A favourite quote came to mind: ” Even if it only lives for a has still lived.”

People build great country estates. Craftsmen built gateposts. Villagers celebrate ancient customs. Livestock graze on fresh grass in fields bounded by drystone walls so old they drip with lichen and moss.

The landscape survives to inspire memories made anew.

2015-05-05 11.27.59

I’m so glad I was here to see it.

It Has Still Lived


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