Sunshine In The Rain

Sunshine In The Rain

2015-07-21 18.28.08

I’ve taken many a grey and windswept walk recently.. and it seemed today was to be no exception. Sunshine – be it literal or metaphorical – was in short supply.

No fear, when there’s an adventure to be had. I’d seen property details advertised in a part of the local landscape I didn’t know well. Dillon (the dog) and I – plus a picnic and a takeaway coffee made for very acceptable companions.

2015-07-21 18.29.13

Fetching the coffee led us past the river close to the house .. which was doing it’s best to align with the day’s ‘Hitchcock-ian’ mood. Any producers scouting for a moody location?

So – with much upon which to reflect – not least these reflections – I set off for parts undiscovered. At least I didn’t need desert boots and a hip flask. Even ‘though it’s a look I’m partial to. Heat being a forgotten concept these days.

2015-07-21 18.26.51

On any form of media one could care to watch – world events are – on balance – rather un-balanced. Man’s inhumanity to man having taken new and vicious turns for the worse.

In last weeks shot of a northern beach – even elements of the landscape seem to be fighting for supremacy. My rock’s bigger than your rock…

2015-07-21 18.24.33

Impossibly naive ‘though this may seem.. I like to look for sunshine even in the rain. In the beauty of the hedgerows – and a glorious coastal garden .. I found it.

If I look for darkness .. it always turns up too. Funny that.


Sunshine In The Rain


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