Testing The Water

Testing The Water

2015-11-22 21.04.06

If I had acted instantly upon every offer or opportunity, proposal, piece of feedback, or advice, that’s taken place (or taken up space in my overwhelmed head) in the weeks since I chose to move house back to Larglea, I’d be in a “right old pickle” by now.

Sometimes it pays to watch how the wind blows.. and let the water test itself. Recently the weather – and life – has provided plenty of wind .. and water.

Unpredictable temperature fluctuations have brought snow on higher ground – even here in the “lowlands” of Scotland. I’ve yet to work out how I’ll access a fresh crop of snowy landscapes – as I’d like to get there on foot.. with the help of the excellent bus services I’m becoming an ‘expert’ in using.


What is clear – arguably the only part that is – is that I’ve entered an interesting (to me) phase of frequent change.. and not every opportunity will turn out as at first expected. Silk purses have turned out to be pigs ears – and often the reverse. I can no longer be bothered to worry. If there’s such a thing as the wheels of fate.. I clearly don’t hold the relevant driving license. Good job I’m making my way on my own two feet then.. while I can still see them – I may have a chance to keep ’em both on the ground.


It seems this house and I will be companions for a while yet. In the meantime there’s a long-overdue programme of maintenance and upgrading of finishes and services to sort out. I intend Larglea to get the attention it deserves. My customers – rental or holiday guests – will, naturally, benefit.

I’m sure that the stream of advice will, reflecting the weather, at times approach more of a flood. However, the answer to a threatened flood is not always to build an ark. Unsettled by change – it sometimes seems all that’s possible is to preserve and protect ourselves. If we remain within the fortress of our comfort zone how can we expect to inspire future generations? Helping to fulfil our children’s potential – and that of their children – requires encouraging them to take risks; to step beyond the barriers of perceived limitation.

So – when I talk with my grandchildren – I’ll suspend my own ‘disbelief’ in the face of the adversities the world is currently experiencing; and my own fear for their future. I’ll encourage them to take risks in their lives. To try out the unknown. Above all to have fun.

Whether with a tentative toe.. or in a headlong dive.. there is more than one way of..

2015-10-15 13.05.52#1

Testing The Water

With thanks to the Saturday Times for the horse image. I’d love to credit the photographer – so please get in touch if you recognise your work.


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