Blown Off Course

Blown Off Course


It’s easy to be blown off course. By hot or cold air. By the opinions and machinations of others. By perceived criticism, wisdom, advice. Trouble is, all of it – including that which we dish out ourselves – is, with rare exceptions, coming from one context..viewed through our own filter. Unless you happen to be the Dalai Lama that is.


It’s easy too to take a lofty view of things ..


Or to wash up on a rocky shore, listing to one side with your previously crystal – clear – waters muddied and worse for wear.


Steer yourself back on course;  remember – it’s surprisingly easy to find some well-meaning person all too ready to tell you ..and anyone else within well they would run your life – if they were you.


Prepare for all weathers – and steer your own course..

If the Dalai Lama offers advice.. follow it.

Blown Off Course


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