The Travelling Light

The Travelling Light


Today – after an intense week – I’ve been attempting to travel light. On foot, by motorbike, and in my head. After a short bike ride, and a coffee to go along the shore, hearing geese fly in overhead to land close by the house, but out of sight – I chose to head out with my camera and, creep up on them – as much as you can when ten times their size and dressed in bike gear – minus helmet.


They led me a merry dance and this time I was unable to catch them on the ground. A walker, sheep fleeing, and then a helicopter put up the geese – but in aiming at them I found myself missing geese and catching landscapes.


After carrying an old minor injury all week compounded by a few new bruises – it was wonderful to be feeling like a person and not a bag of aching bones – I almost felt weightless as I climbed the low ridges behind the house – having learnt long ago to head along the animal tracks. The line of least resistance is good for the knees.


To my left a pocket of travelling light showed a mountain peak on Mull tipped with snow behind copper cliffs above indigo seas. A combination I can see looking well on the catwalks of Milan. To my right the geese, their bodies turned to silver, banked over another ridge in search of a peaceful landing-pad.


The islands wildlife, missing over winter – presumed dead or in hiding from the cold and the cull – is returning with the sun. The weight of dark winter thoughts is lifted and I rejoice in the land and the sea, as ever.

The travelling light carries me home.

The Travelling Light


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