Time Out

Time Out


I’m a lucky so-and-so; when I’m looking for time out I’m often treated to good weather. It doesn’t come better than this. I suppose I could be sweltering on some hot, expensive beach abroad..but it means far more to see Scotland alight with sharp winter sun, and revelling in it.


The harbour of Oban bustles with business and trade all year round, here at the northern edge of its cheerful crescent.. with the majestic St Columba’s Cathedral holding sway beyond the red-roofed restaurant complex. Kayakers take instruction on the shore, after carrying their crafts across the main road above from the town-centre school.. sharing the water with nosy swans, and the occasional otter, I’m told.


Meanwhile, moving north with a box of the best fish and chips I’ve ever tasted, we hit the beach at Ganavan Sands.. much changed, apparently, since my partners boyhood visits – when the only facilities emerged from a hut on the headland. No change in the direction of the waves I imagine. Nor in the enjoyment to be had.


Soon the golds and ochres of waiting winter bracken will be exchanged for those of grasses and gorse; but for now winter brings skies of an icy blue and clear waters ripe for sailing – if you can brave the cold. Time out takes many forms, but for now just exploring is enough.. and there’s a new map of walks around Oban and Argyll to take home.


Although a great time out doesn’t always need planning.
Sometimes it just happens on your own ‘doorstep’.

Time out


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