The Improbable Sunset

The Improbable Sunset


There are evenings when we wish the sun would set sooner.. and nights when we doubt the sun will rise again. The daylight hours preceding them are often improbably such recently produced what we’ve come to call the “snowdrop sunset” (which occurred as way too sugary a title for a girl who doesn’t even do pink).


What could be better than a path lined with snowdrops? Since I was not much higher than the flower, I’ve loved them. I clearly remember my mum showing me my first at the edge of a field, on a favourite walk.


Each exquisitely simple bud and bloom formed – as I thought then – from snow. Another bit of evidence for my child-like belief in the magical qualities of nature.. a belief that survives into late adulthood.


Which can be the only reason why it occurred to me to wonder how a sunset looks from the point of view of a snowdrop. I make no apology – it’s a lovely, rose-tinted world down there.

The Improbable Sunset


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